Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer

Dr.Montri Boonsith
Chief Executive Officer
By way of our commitment to produce high quality goods and maintain sustainable development of the organization, we are well accepted and trusted by the customers and users of main switchboard control, panel board and electrical Trunking System. Our products are certified in terms of production process and quality management System. Therefore, our organization is in continuous development on all aspects including products, manufacturing technology and staff who are knowledgeable and specialized in manufacturing processes.

As we give precedence to the quality policy, therefore our products are well accepted by the customers. From the previous works, we are confident in the quality of our products in terms of manufacturing process, quality control and product standards that are produced by United Modular System Co., Ltd. and United Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Throughout the time, we have been trusted and accepted by the customers.

From successful management and sustainable development in the past year, the company is expanding its business, improving manufacturing process, quality and its standards in all aspects in order to prepare for a sustainable growth.

Today, we are ready in terms of skillful human resources, production technology, quality control system and the professional cooperation of every single unit and levels of employees. More importantly, as we are well accepted by customers and societies, everyone in our organization is aware of his / her duty and responsibility, and we stand ready to move forward with our production capability, product quality services and international standards.

Vice Chairman

Mr.Samarng Ruanta
Vice Chairman

Assoc.Prof.Chutamas Peeraphatchara
Vice Chairman

Manager Sirimai,PH.D
General Manager

Ms.Chananpha Nomtim
Administrative Director

Ms.Ratee Jeenyee
Finance Manager

Ms.Amporn Wichadee
Account Division Manager

Mr.Akanit Banthao
Production Manager